Downloading All Documents for a Project

Users can click a link to download all documents within a project. Sometimes the download is so large, we have to create the zip files over a few minutes.  In this case, we’ll send an email notifying the user when their download is ready.

Adding a New Project

Admin users can add new projects to their Jobsite. Your subscription is limited by the number of projects, but you can always upgrade your subscription to accommodate more projects as needed.

Customizing the Project Form Template

Admin users are able to customize which fields are shown for each project.  They can also drag and drop the fields to change their order as shown on the Documents and Photos modules.

Viewing Photo Details

All data for each photo is shown on the details page.  Users with editing access can update the description for a photo, and can also “tag” the photo with keywords and subcontractor names as appropriate.

Editing User Accounts in Your Jobsite

Admin users can view all users with access to their Jobsite.  From here, Admins can add/remove/modify access for each user.  The 3 types of user access levels are:

  1. Team Member – an employee for your company. They have full access to all data in your Jobsite.
  2. Subcontractor – able to view all documents for your projects in the Documents module.
  3. Client – for your customers to access only the public photos in the Photos module.

Learn more about the specific access for each user

Subcontractor Trades Management

If you have the Subcontractors module, Admin users for your Jobsite can manage the different trades available for subcontractors to choose from when specifying their scope(s) of work.  Subs can choose up to 4 different trades.

Keyword Management

If you have the Photos module, Admin users for your Jobsite can manage the different keywords available for assigning to photos.

The Photos Module

To get started with the Photos module, select a project from the drop down menu at the top of the page.  The photos for that project will be shown.

Use the filters on the left side of the page for showing select groups of photos and organizing them.  The “Display” options are additional items that can be shown for each photo, such as keywords and subcontractor names.

If You Have Access to More Than One Jobsite

Your Jobsite account is associated with your email address.  It is possible to have access to more than one Jobsite (or even multiple access levels within the same Jobsite).  In either of these cases, when you first login, you’ll be prompted to select which Jobsite you want to access.  Simply click the appropriate link and you’ll be logged into that Jobsite.

To change Jobsite accounts, click the “change” link at the top right, next to your email address.

View Project Details

Here is the main detailed view for this project including all documents that are available for download.

Notice that the files are organized by type.  You can download a zip of all files for each type, or a zip of all files for this project.

Note that if the zip file is quite large, you will be emailed when the zip(s) are ready for you to download.  This usually takes a few minutes.

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