Bid Document Management & Sharing

Does your construction company share bid documents with subcontractors?

Your company is likely already sharing these types of documents with subcontractors when projects are open for bidding:

  • Project bid documents
  • Blue prints
  • Spec docs
  • Drawings
  • Other job-related documents

Share bid document files with ease.

Jobsite’s Document Manager makes it fast and easy when sharing project bid documents and files with subcontractors. Your project manager simply logs in to Jobsite, selects the project, and uploads documents from their computer. Subcontractors are able to log in to Jobsite and view bid documents for projects. The files can be viewed one at a time, or downloaded in one zip file for faster viewing.

Every one wins. Your subcontractors use a simple do-it-yourself online interface for viewing all project files. Your team members save time and are able to focus on other aspects of their jobs.

Jobsite also helps your team manage project photos and manage subcontractors. Click the links to learn more, or start your free trial and give Jobsite a try right now.