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Jobsite is organized around your construction projects.

For each project, your team can use Jobsite to better communicate and see projects through from start to finish.

  • Photo Manager to upload photos taken on the job site and use keywords to organize similar photos.
  • Document Manager for sharing bid documents with subcontractors.
  • Subcontractor Manager for tracking subcontractor work history, including photos of work completed.

The ability to share bid documents, organize project photos, and track subcontractor work history are all essential aspects of running a construction company effectively. And it’s likely that your construction company is already doing all of these in one form or another. Jobsite adds value by integrating all three of these objectives into a single website and allowing your team to have the relevant data at their fingertips 24/7.

Project flowchart for Jobsite


Jobsite improves communication with your clients.

By default, all photos are “private” meaning only your internal team can view them on Jobsite. Choose which photos to share with your clients for each project by marking them as “public” and inviting your clients into your Jobsite. From there, clients can log in and view only public photos and stay in the loop as the project goes from start to completion.

You can also send an email blast to all clients for a project alerting them of new photos that have just been added.

Jobsite alerts subcontractors when project bid requirements change.

Your project managers will use Jobsite to share with subcontractors information about each project such as bid date/time, requirements, and of course, bid documents. But what happens when a bid date is extended, or addenda documents get added?

Not a problem. Your project manager logs into Jobsite, updates the project, and sends an email blast to all subcontractors that have viewed this project in the past. Instantly, the entire set of subcontractors is notified via email, alleviating a lot of hassle and extra communication for the project managers.

Jobsite makes your team smarter when selecting subcontractors.

Of course it’s great that your subcontractors can log in and view/download project documents when bidding. But with Jobsite, your team will also be able to view the cumulative work history of each subcontractor before hiring them on a new project, including an archive of photos from all of their previous projects. This data becomes extremely valuable when selecting a subcontractor. In a sense, your company just got smarter and got a better memory.

Gone are the days of firing a subcontractor from one project while someone else on your team hires them for another project!

Is Jobsite right for my construction company?

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