Construction Photo Management

Great! You’re taking photos on the job site each day.

It has become standard practice to document projects by taking digital photos on the job site each day. And this is a good thing — digital cameras make it super easy (dare we say fun?) to quickly photograph a construction project’s daily progress.

Construction photos act as a perfect conduit for improving project management and communication between the team. Project managers need to have at their fingertips a way to:

  • Quickly organize photos by keywords and subcontractor
  • Locate a specific photo
  • Sharing capabilities with access privileges for the team, subcontractor, and client

Geez, we have a ton of digital photos!

In no time, your company will amass a huge collection of construction project photos. Easily into the many thousands. This fact presents some challenging problems, such as:

  • Where are you storing all of these digital photos?
  • Are they being backed up frequently in case of computer failure?
  • Does it take you more than 1 minute to find a specific photo?
  • Can you quickly find all photos from a given project? that were taken by a given user? of work done by a specific subcontractor?

Jobsite’s Photo Manager to the rescue.

With Jobsite, your construction project photos are documented, labeled, secured, archived and organized all in one convenient website, custom branded for your company. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your photos are secure and archived, and helps your company run more efficiently, saving time and money.

Learn more about the bid document management capabilities of Jobsite, or see how Jobsite helps you manage your subcontractors more effectively.

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